cyphernine: imgur(.)com/NnYGAc4

*kiss* i sorry bb! u still have my eternal hugs thou :D

i’m so tempted to make this my icon lol. new otp tbh


if you can write in an entire dull as shit character with attached romance despite it being possible for him to be dead or a serial killer in a previous installment of your series b/c a clearly lost section of fandom inexplicably wants to fuck him, you’ve kind of foregone “our romances are totally abt who fits the story”

hold on to the world we all remember fighting for. there’s still strength left in us yet. arise and be all that you dreamed.

orlesbians replied to your post: o_O i just got invited to the keep beta

me too!!! /highfives


citadrell replied to your post: o_O i just got invited to the keep beta


thank thank! ;3

cyphernine: Meera Shep face code? O:

hi ;3 thanks for the compliment and this is gonna sound weird but i don’t really like giving out meera’s face code. i know it’s dumb but i like knowing it’s me and only me who plays her.

i hope this doesn’t come off as mean because i don’t mean it that way at all. i’m really flattered you like her enough to ask. sorry bb *kiss*


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